About Me

My Instagram bio is a quote from Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, “holy crip he’s a crapple!” because all I do is sit around. It’s how I roll 😉 At university I am known for two things: noodles and my dance moves. I think within the first month of university, my class mate and I (sup, Finn) made regular visits to our favourite noodle place on Tuesdays because it had the two-for-Tuesday deal. Mean Girls wore pink on Wednesdays, but we ate noodles on Tuesdays. Now, who was the real winner here?

If you like the smell of spice cooking then you’ll be my perfect flatmate as I make hot pots all the time. Something my vegan flatmates aren’t a fan of, but I make up for it with my wheelie cool dance moves – as long as you help me create a circle in the club. Beyond university and my huge food appetite, I love to talk and express and explore. Let it be conversations over pancakes at 2am or midnight drives with the crew or simply vibing to an acoustic session in the living room. I crave for raw, stripped back moments to just talk and listen, as much as I love getting dressed up, or explore some rooftops or rocks.

I have withheld myself from posting this past year (since Introspection On Wheels), but my vision for this blog has always been to create a personal space for me to rant and ramble. As Brad Wilcox puts it, “is it a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, expand, remember and dream.”

It’s meant to be messy and “not perfect” – something I struggle with as a raging perfectionist (ha!) but I hope that as I write more, I can understand a little bit more about my own ramblings.

Ramblings of a dreamer.


file (1)You know you’re struggling with pictures when you have to dig up a blurry deleted photo from your phone. Screw it.

(Last updated: 12th January 2018)